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Director's profile
Mr. Mbaziira Musa


I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, equipping me with a solid foundation in pedagogy and instructional design.

Additionally, my academic journey includes a Master’s degree in Public Health, enhancing my understanding of policy, health promotion and community well being.

This unique combination allows me to approach adult education with a holistic perspective, integrating health related aspects into the learning environment.


With over two decades of experience in education and Administration. I have honed my leadership skills and deepened my understanding of adult learning dynamics.

Throughout mu career, I have successfully spearheaded educational initiatives, implementing innovative teaching methodologies and fostering an inclusive atmosphere for diverse learners.

My administrative background ensures the smooth operation of the Adult education centre, emphasizing efficiency and effectiveness in program management. This wealth of experience positions me to navigate the intersection of education and public health, creating meaningful and impactful learning experiences for our adult learners.